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Health Care Professional

What puts the “innovative” in Innovative Health Plan (IHP) is our evidence based approach to quality care management that is both transparent, focused and real time. IHP’s medical management provides cost saving strategies for our clients and members as well as management services that optimize a member’s health status, Well being, productivity and access to quality health care. IHP offers a portfolio of services that integrates the best of medical, pharmacy, and claims management.

Our Medical Directors provide support to our clinical team and actively collaborate with community providers to optimize the health care of our members. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to provide customized and focused medical management. As a health care unique medical plan it’s imperative we partner for success.

Innovative Health Plan offers providers a variety of tools and resources to assist with patient care. Our Medical Directors provide a collaborative approach to patient consultation. Our Innovative team provides you with support for Pre-authorizations and provider reconsiderations. Our website allows Providers to access a variety of forms to assist with pre-authorization and referrals.

Providers are selected to join the IHP network based on a need in a specific geographic area. Providers selected must offer quality services, practice coordinated care and promote healthy life style choices.