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We hold our client’s best interests at heart. They can rely on us to go above-and-beyond to ensure your clients receive the consultation, programs and services they need to improve employee benefit plans, reduce costs, streamline administration, and build trust with their employees.


At Innovative Health Plan (IHP), our goal is to make your life easier by providing turnkey resources that help you grow your business. In addition, you can rely on us to go above and beyond to ensure your clients receive the best of care.


Innovative Health Plan (IHP) is not for every broker or consultant. Brokers who are selected to offer the IHP program know that they are amongst an elite group of advisors in the marketplace. We believe in supporting our broker clients every step of the way by staying involved in the process. Brokers who partner with IHP know they have the power to change healthcare outcomes, including the way employers will choose their insurance benefits in the future. Learning new ways to capture your clients attention can be an investment, however the rewards can also be significant. We will give you all the necessary tools and support to ensure the program is meeting your expectations.

Business Opportunity

We know you have them. Clients who are tired of the fully insured financing system and its lack of transparency. Employers fundamentally understand that the only way to bend the healthcare cost curve is to assure that their employees are receiving the appropriate level of care. IHP promotes member participation in wellness and preventive care services. We provide the financing mechanism, cost-containment tools and financial incentives for all stakeholders, including employees. Clients who are currently self-funded will also benefit from IHP’s medical management approach and a comprehensive administrative platform which reduces administrative burdens associated with traditional self-funded plans.

Partner with IHP

The first step to gain access to the IHP program is to learn more about our products and how they may fit into your business model. Together we can explore the potential of a long-term strategic partnership. Become part of the innovation that is changing the way your clients view their broker/consultant relationship. To learn more about Innovative Health Plan and if it is the right fit for you call 866-342-8152 x100 OR join our mailing list click hyperlink contact US

Become an IHP Broker

The first step to join our exclusive broker network is to become more familiar with the Innovative Health Plan (IHP) and our unique approach to health care insurance and cost containment. Then, there are just a few steps you need to take to prepare to become a broker or consultant with IHP, including:


Once you have reviewed the forms please contact us at 866-342-8152