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365 of Daily Living Habits

365 of Daily Living Habits is an employee wellness incentive program offered exclusively through Innovative Health Plan. The 365 of Daily Living Habits is designed to promote health and wellness amongst the members on your staff. The program offers a financial incentive of $365.00 based on achieving specific milestones. The goal of 365 of Daily Living Habits is to encourage awareness of health related issues, improve morale, and often times your claims costs. The 365 of Daily Living Habits wellness incentive program is just another example of how Innovative Health Plan can manage employee benefits from start to finish while minimizing your financial exposure. That’s the Innovative Health Plan difference.



  1. What must I do in order to be eligible for the rewards program?
    All employees and enrolled spouses/partners each must complete a PHP (Personal Health Profile) and Biometric Screening.
  2. If my enrolled spouse / partner doesn’t complete the PHP or Biometric Screening am I still eligible?
    No, both the employee and spouse / partner must complete each requirement.
  3. Is there an incentive for completing the PHP and Biometric Screening?
    Yes, once each has completed the PHP AND Biometric Screening you’ll receive a $100 payment. The $100 payment is the maximum a family or single employee can earn per plan year.
  4. I’ve completed my PHP & Biometric Screening. What must my enrolled spouse/partner and I do in order to receive payment?
    Nothing, if you and your spouse / partner (if applicable) have each completed the PHP and Biometric Screening you will automatically receive payment.
  5. How will the payment be sent?
    Payments will be made via check and are mailed out with an EOB (Explanation of Benefits).
  6. When can I expect payment?
    Payments are sent out approximately 30 days after required documentation is received. In some instances members will be required to submit proof of completing requirements. Please refer below for specifics on each requirement.
  7. Do my dependent children qualify or need to complete each requirement in this program? ?
    No, only the employee and enrolled spouse / partner are eligible for program.
  8. Where do I obtain the IHP Preventive Care Confirmation Form?
    Log-in to your account with Innovative Health Plan (IHP) and select the IHP Preventive Care Confirmation Form tab.